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Appraisal District Staff :

Chief Appraiser :Don Awalt, RPA/CTA/CCA
Deputy Chief Appraiser :Jason Moore, RPA
Administrative Assistant :Carol Clark
Real Estate Appraiser :Debbie Hunt, RPA
BPP Appraiser :Tina Gilley-Lee
Real Estate Appraiser :Coltin Bottoms
Mapping/GIS :Melissa Marberry
Records Management Clerk :Desiree Frasier
Appraisers Assistant :Joe Barrow
Appraisers Assistant :Trent Neely
Customer Service Clerk :Rachel Ethridge
Appraisers Assistant :Jazmin Espinoza
Appraisers Assistant :Erin Simpson

Non-Value Related Comments, Complaints, or Questions :

Taxpayer Liaison Officer :Bobbi Shepherd

ARB Contact Info :

Appraisal Review Board :ARB Questions?

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