Protests before the ARB

A Message from the ARB – Hearing Guidance

The ARB has complete documentation of its hearing rules and procedures that will guide the hearing, but at a minimum, protesting property owners should read this guidance to ensure a smooth review process.

The ARB is comprised of fellow Freestone County residents. We do not work for the appraisal district.  The ARB resolves disputes between property owners and the appraisal district.

You have a right to get the evidence the appraisal district has in advance of your hearing by request.  Contact the appraisal district office to request their evidence packet.

The allotted time for your hearing is 30 minutes.

  • Each side is allocated 10 minutes to present their relevant information.
  • The remaining time is for questions and deliberations of the ARB.

Be concise in your presentation of evidence.

  • Present facts and pertinent information.
  • Pictures are quite effective.
  • Do not repeat yourself.  It does not help your case to say the same thing over and over.
  • Direct questions to the ARB, not the appraisal district.

If your primary evidence is saying “My taxes are too high”, you probably are not going to win your protest.

Saying “My value is too high”, and presenting facts to justify your statement is evidence and goes a long way to help the ARB determine the case.

When contesting your property’s value, you must state your opinion of value.  Your evidence should support that value.

If you have never been to an ARB hearing before, the ARB recommends you attend hearings before your hearing date to see how the process works. They are open to the public.

To File Your Protest

Fill out the protest form included with your Notice of Appraised Value or download from here.

Submit the form to the Freestone County Appraisal Review Board, before the deadline stated on your notice.


Forms may be submitted by mail or in person to:

218 N Mount St.

Fairfield, TX  75840

(a drop-box is located next to the front door)

Or by email to:


Protest & Appeals of Property Value

Wait A Minute – important information to read before you file a protest.

Property Tax Appeals and Protest Procedures

OK …I’ve filed a Protest…Now What?- Information on what happens after the ARB has received your protest.

2022 Adopted ARB Hearing Rules and Procedures




Helpful Videos

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